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Latest from the Blog

Black History: Before African Colonization and Slavery in the Americas

There is a deep untold history of people of African descent that needs to be made public knowledge. Slavery has been the the begining of the story for too long, as it tends to be the only recorded history of African Americans that is taught in schools  This video series shelds light on history before this time. …

Emotional Awareness Video Series

In the class we explore our feelings and emotions every week and learn what makes us happy. We figure out which a techniques work best on controling our emotions. The instructor speaks on how difficult emotions are to manage and can distract you from your goal of emotional balance. She will give you techiniques to …

Intro to Music Production Series

Do have an interest in music production? Are you interested in gaining knowledge on how to make songs, beats and music? Do you know how to record vocals, mix tracks, or compose a whole song?  Watch this Video series to learn more. 

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