5D Media is the Provider of resources based on Ancient thought, philosophies and values to families, schools & libraries around the world.


Learning and education being the foundation of any sustainable success, education reform through content creation has been our mission since 2016. 5D Media content is based on ancient, specifically African, philosophies, that are rich in ways to inspire, motivate and educate on the topic of life. Primarily by allowing students to observe others and how they live their lives. Secondly by presenting resources created by those who have studied and researched knowledge that has been passed down to us. Thanks to a team of likeminded individuals and scholars, our Apps, Books, Workbooks and Media Assets are utilized by schools, families and libraries around the world.

Some of our content is available via Digital Streaming Networks, Digital Content Libraries, and wherever books are sold. However, some of our most powerful content is not available publicly due to censorship and copyright protection.  We also host live classes and interactive sessions for both children and adults.
Please feel free to contact us to work with us in any capacity, or with any questions.
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