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The Moors who built Spain

In the year 711 Muslim Moors of Arab and Berber descent from North Africa crossed the Strait of Gibraltar into the Iberian Peninsula, defeated the Christian inhabitants in a series of wars, and founded the first Muslim countries in Europe.

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General History of Africa: Twelfth to Sixteenth Century (Volume 4)

Member Access Granted This period constitutes a crucial phase in the continent’s history in which Africa developed its own culture and written records. There were several major characteristic themes: the triumph of Islam; the extension of trading relations, cultural exchanges and human contacts; the development of kingdoms and empires. The ebook first describes the unification …

General History of Africa: Methodology and African Prehistory (Volume 1)

Member Access Granted This 8 volume collection assesses the importance attached by African societies to their past and the growth and development of African historiography. This is followed by accounts of the primary literary sources, the oral and living traditions and African archaeology and its techniques. There are further chapters on linguistics, migrations and historical …

General History of Africa: Ancient Civilizations of Africa (Volume 2)

Member Access Granted Volume 2 covers the period beginning at the close of the Neolithic era, from around the eighth millenium before our era. This period of some nine thousand years has been sub-divided into four major geographical zones. Chapters 1 to 12 cover the Nile, Egypt and Nubia: by far the largest part of …

General History of Africa: Africa from the Seventh to Eleventh Century (Volume 3)

Member Access Granted Volume III of this series documents the increasing influence of Islam and its dissemination and interaction with traditional African culture in northern and western regions. The essays place Africa in the context of world history at the opening of the seventh century and examine the impact of Islamic penetration, expansion of the …

General History of Africa: 17th Century until the 1880s (Volume 6)

Member Access Granted Volume VI covers the period from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the onset of the European “scramble” for colonial territory in the 1880s. In spite of a growing European commercial, religious, and political presence during the first three quarters of the century, outside influences were felt indirectly by most African …

Black Americans in Congress: 1817 – 2007

Member Access Granted This ebook gives insight into the rich history of African-Americans in Congress. There is a general lack of knowledge about these individuals and the significant historical milestones they created. This book seeks to provide a complete history from the founding of the first Black person elected to Congress until 2007. It provides …

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