Give the Gift of Reading

Donate to children in need.

An inspirational book featuring diverse characters can change a child’s life forever. Through partnerships with community organizations, volunteers, corporate partners and educators, 5D Media publishing has distributed over 615 thousand books and impacted the lives of nearly 100 thousand children worldwide. 

All donations enable our volunteers to fulfill book request from schools, parents and community groups in need.  The first page of each book includes a special first page with custom messaging and image or logo from the donor .

Donations are allocated based on the following:

$50 = 5 books to a child or family in need

$100 = 10 books to a Library or community group

$250 = 25 books to a community group or school

$500 = 50 Books to a community group or school

$1,000 = 100 Books to a community group or school


1. Select quanity of books you would like to donate. Click Donate Now and checkout using the standard shopping cart process.

2. Select Free shipping option
Leave the shipping up to us. We cover all shipping and handling costs, deliver books directly, at no extra cost to you.

3. Provide us with your custom messaging. Provide custom messaging and logo to be printed in each book.

4. Give the gift of reading All donated books are sent immediately to children, schools and community group around the world who are in the greatest need of support.

Donation box are filled based on specific requests. Below are some of the items that may be requested. If you are interested in contributing to an existing box, venmo donations can also be made to @get5DMedia.

request a donation here

In this bedtime story easy-to-read for beginners, a child travels through a colorful dream full of wonder and positive affirmations. They are in control, and know that all things are possible!

Each collage illustration by Award-Winning Artist Kimberly J Gordon, is full of hidden messages. How many can you find?

Empowering picture book that follows the birth of a family business from the ideas of an 8-year old little girl named Mia.

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Symbols are some of the most valuable possessions of the human race, each one conveying a deeper message that is open to interpretation.  Join the “Tafiti Kids”  on their first mission as they research some of the most popular symbolic images in history.  Throughout this book you will:

  • Learn about  the origin and  significance of each symbol.   
  • Color each symbol to create your own rendition .
  • Write about your findings And analysis
  • Create your own symbols 
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This unique chapter book follows an uncertain but brilliant young black boy as he spends an informative day with his uncle who owns an organic food truck. Recipes for easy Fruit and Vegetable smoothies included inside.

Jevaun was no longer interested in playing baseball on Saturdays.  Instead, he quit the team and settled into a weekend routine of sleeping in and playing video games. This was until his parents sent him on an adventure with his Uncle Bembe that helped him realize his true passion. Through his experience, he gains the confidence to submit to his love for painting.

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“Black Girl Boss” is a coloring book and story book all in one. Meet Mia an 8-year-old with many great ideas. With the help of her friends and family members, she is able to develop one of them into an exciting new venture. Experience the excitement of starting a new business with Mia and her team as you color inside the pages of this unique Children’s Coloring book and full picture storybook all in one. 

Meet Ebony in this Hand-Painted Picture Book for Early Readers.  Ebony loves to dance and dreams of becoming a professional dancer one day. To make her dreams come true, Ebony practices everywhere she goes – at dance class, at school, at home, and even on the playground.

Although she is just 9 years old, Ebony is determined to work towards her goals every day of the week.  I Am a Dancer Every Day of the Week was written for beginning readers, utilizing Kindergarten and first-grade sight words and vocabulary.  

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