5D Media hosts virtual Classes for various groups including co-ops, schools, community groups, homeschoolers and after school programs. We provided all necessary technology and resource needs. Scroll down below to view of our class offerings. Contact Us today with specific requests.

Intro to Music Production

In this class students learn the ins and outs of music production and the technology involved. The art of Music production will introduce students to a large range of sounds, programs, software and equipment. Watch a class here!

Robotics Programming (all levels)

In this course students learn how to use Scratch and Python coding languages]to create innovative robotics programs. Through a wide range of application scenarios and digital simulations learners gain intuitive and practical experience each class.  Students will use their learnings to direct real-world robots and drones.

What are Stocks & Cryptocurrency?

In this class students learn the basics of risk vs. reward, stocks and bonds, cryptocurrencies, NFTs profits and losses. We discuss popular investment options and why people chose to invest in those companies. All factors that go into picking great investments are covered.  Past Class

The course exceeded expectations. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the children loved him.

— Rene Stevens

Our students really enjoyed these classes. The digital resources were very helpful.

— Stephanie Miller

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