My Corner of the Universe: Emotional Awareness – My Vision

Week 3: Hello VisionUse your feelings wheel during the week and identify emotions. 

Welcome back to the 3rd  enrichmnt video aimed at helping you take control of your emotions. Learn a variety of visual techniques for handling emotions and some visual exercises to help you really feel your emotions. Obviously, it is an intense process that takes time but these techniques can be incredibly powerful! Watch this video and share with friends if you would like to learn more about how to have better control over your emotions. Let us know in the comments section if there was anything that you found particularly useful following this series or if there were any challenges at all!.

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Mentor Yanique, is a writer, teacher, sister-friend, and multidisciplinary healer. She is a certified Reiki Healer, Channel, and Yogini. Yanique was raised tri-continentally in Jamaica, The United States, and Australia. Follow her on instagram

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