About Us

You can not experience 5D consciousness  through your physical senses.  You must first gain knowledge and transform your mind.  Through the realization of your own multi-dimensional nature, you can bring peace, stability and success into all aspects of your life.  5D Media provides the tools and resources to help you on your way.   Addiction Recovery  |  Conscious Content  | Kids Content 
Some of our content is available throughout the world via Digital Streaming Networks, Digital Content Libraries, and wherever books are sold. However, some of our most powerful content is not available publicly due to censorship and copyright protection.  This content, however, is available to Members and Supporters here:   
Before achieving 5D consciousness you must have a clear mind to go deep inside yourself. This is not possible when it is controlled by drugs or alcohol.  If you are struggling, we invite you to join us in sobriety in our Addiction Recovery groups. 
The motivational and informational Multi-Media content  in our Conscious Content group reinforces some of life's most underestimated principles, and brings to light some of the biggest secrets.
Our children's content encourages 5D thinking - a reality in which love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails over all, is possible through the practice of self improvement and access to research and information.  
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