Who are the Original Moors?

It is surprising that the Moors are hardly ever included in World History Lessons. The contributions made by Moors are significant and have helped shape the world as we know it today. If you do not believe me read “The Spanish Moors.”

Who exactly are the Moors? The term does not actually describe a particular ethnicity or race of people. For centuries the term “Moors” has been used to describe many groups including foreigners of African descent, anyone who was a Muslim, or people who had “dark skin. The Moors who conquered Spain and Portugal were originally from North Africa.

The Moors had an enormous impact on the countries that they conquered through trade, inventions and science. They were able to unite lands such as Spain and Morocco by aiding in international trades like one of their most famous exports, textiles. The lives of this civilization went undiscovered for centuries because of conquest. But thanks to recent historians we can see their connection and contributions to Latin America and beyond.

African Thought: Dreaming

Since Africa has been around for more than six thousand years, it is no surprise that they have learned to harness the power of dreaming. For centuries Africa has been captivated by those dreams that could not be explained; those mysterious and shadowy worlds that opened onto deeper realms of reality.

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