The Importance of Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

Emotions are an important aspect of our lives. It shapes what we do throughout the day and how we interact with other people. Emotions can be able to give you a feel for what the person is experiencing. If someone needs help, they may express it by feeling sad or showing signs of anger. There are different types of emotions that teach us valuable things about ourselves and others. The emotions happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust help us understand each other better. Teaching children about emotions will help them in their everyday life. Teaching your children or students about emotions and social skills will impact mental health, relationships, educational success, and their overall well-being.

Too often we don’t allow children the opportunity to feel their emotions and work through them. This is because, according to Evelyn Tavares Kaplan, “typically adults consider emotions to be negative” and they want to get rid of the feeling so they can carry on with what they were doing before. Adults may not want to let children know how to process their emotions because it could result in a tantrum which would interrupt the adult’s plans. But this could lead to long-term emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, and many more psychological disorders. Emotions are neither bad nor good, but they’re just feelings that we want to accept and deal with in a healthy way. Teaching kids about empathy will also help. History has proved that developing social skills and emotional intelligence plays a major role in the success of an individual from infancy to adulthood. Socializing with others on a daily basis through school attendance and clubs, or home-based interactions not only improves self-esteem but also reduces withdrawal tendencies during periods of stress. The key to acquiring these skills is by prioritizing their importance and encouraging them in childhood. It is our duty as parents, caregivers, and educator to ensure emotional wellbeing and life success for generations to come.

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