Ancient Beliefs: Balance Inside the Body

There are many different beliefs and customs in the world, which vary greatly from culture to culture. One of these is how people view their body. In many parts of the world, it is believed that there are two souls inhabiting a single body, one being light and one being dark. It is the dark soul who gives us life, whereas the light soul gives us knowledge.

In order to live a virtuous life, it is important for the balance of the two souls to be maintained at all times. If one was heavier than the other, then misfortune would be sure to come. The majority of African countries used rituals as a way to maintain this balance, but there were as many as 400 rituals as a whole!

This belief has been represented by many symbols throughout history?  Can I think of any?  Check The Secret History of Popular Symbols Used in Everyday Life to find out.

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